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Day 2 :

World Dermatology 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker Wisam M Kattoof photo

Wisam Majeed Kattoof has his expertise in evaluation and passion in improving the health and wellbeing. His open and contextual evaluation model based on responsive constructivists creates new pathways for improving healthcare. He has built this model after years of experience in research, evaluation, teaching and administration  both in hospital and education institutions. This approach is responsive to all stakeholders and has a different way of focusing.


Statement of the Problem: Leishmaniasis encompasses a spectrum of chronic infections in humans in which organisms are found within phagolysosomes of mononuclear phagocytes. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is divided into Old World and New World, cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by L. tropica. Aminoglycosides which used in the first degree to treat infections caused by bacteria, also tried as  a new  therapeutic option for parasitic infestation. Proliferation rate and protein synthesis in the promastigote stage of the parasite are inhibited by aminoglycoside like streptomycin. Aim: to estimate the effectiveness of intralesional streptomycin as  new antileishmanial agent.  Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: In total 46 patients involved with 109 lesions, 63 lesions (57.8%) were treated with intralesional injection of streptomycin after dilution with distilled water ( 20% ) in group A and 46 lesions (42.2%) used as a control in group B. Findings: in group A clinical cure was achieved in 40   lesions (83.3%) . Moderate response was noticed in 8 lesions ( 16.7% ) . In group B , none of the remaining 39 control lesions shows moderate, marked, or total clearance degree of response. Only 3 lesions ( 7.7% )  showed a slight degree of response and 1 lesion   (2.7%) with mild degree. Conclusion: intralesional streptomycin solution  20% lead purpose of its use as new therapeutic option for skin lesions of leishmaniasis.