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20th World Dermatology Congress , will be organized around the theme “Exploring the New Approaches in Dermatology”

World Dermatology 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in World Dermatology 2019

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Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. The skin is the best organ of the body covering the whole body. As the outside protected covering of the body it is acquainted with nature making it weak against enhancements, rashes, recoloring, wounds, fumes, wounds, ailments, and unmistakable issue. It goes about as a monitored shield against warmth, light, hurt, and sullying. It coordinates body temperature, stores water and fat, it is an undeniable organ, Prevents water hardship, Prevents region of microscopic living things, goes about as an obstacle between the creature and its condition. Dermatologist treats issue identifying with the skin, hair, and nails. Consistently skin wounds and messes are markers of internal ailment and mirror the strategies occurring inside the body. Skin includes specific layers. The most shallow (most outside) layer is the epidermis. The epidermis is a stratified squamous epithelium. It has stacked layers of cells. Underneath the epidermis lies the Dermis and underneath subcutaneous fat, or sub cutis. With colossal assortment in signs and earnestness, numerous particular skin illnesses exist

  • Track 1-1Medical Dermatology
  • Track 1-2Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Track 1-3Surgical Dermatology

Dermatology has ended up being most instantly used medicines and medical procedures in field of pharmaceuticals. Rhinoplasty is performed by elegant authorities to make handy nose to amend contortions. Facial recuperation movements are used to fix facial sicknesses. Re-rising and microdermabrasion have been an assistance to restorative Dermatology. Nano particles of metals and metal oxides are used to treat bacterial and parasitic pollutions. Productive classy medical procedures like liposuction, labiaplasty and chest development have been changed with time.

  • Track 2-1Fraxel Laser
  • Track 2-2Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  • Track 2-3Pucker Marks and Cellulite Treatment

Clinical Dermatology is the part of restorative science that deals with the entire scope of ailments and states of the skin, hair and nails. Skin helps in security against bright radiation, destructive synthetic compounds and poisons and different diseases and additionally keeps up protect for veins and sweat organs that control temperature. However the significance of skin prosperity is as often as possible neglected in perspective of the consistent, non-unsafe nature of most skin afflictions. Sound hair and solid nails are likewise considered among our coveted highlights.

  • Track 3-1Immunodermatology
  • Track 3-2Dermato-Venereology
  • Track 3-3Veterinary Dermatology
  • Track 3-4Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Track 3-5Surgical Dermatology
  • Track 3-6Dermatopathology
  • Track 3-7Immunofluorescence in Dermatology
  • Track 3-8Psycho-Dermatology
  • Track 3-9Neonatal Dermatology

Pediatric Dermatologists are concerned with skin disorders including birthmarks, skin infections, dermatitis, etc. Pediatric Dermatology, a subspecialty of dermatology, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions in infants, children and adolescents. Abnormal skin irritations and conditions can emotionally affect children. Atopic Eczema, also called Dermatitis, is a skin condition that is usually found in small children. Atopic Dermatitis includes a range of skin conditions with symptoms including red, itchy, oozing and scaling skin. Atopic Eczema in babies also known as Infantile Dermatitis is usually found on the face and scalp causing the skin to itch and ooze.

  • Track 4-1Measles
  • Track 4-2Scarlet Fever
  • Track 4-3Rubella
  • Track 4-4Chickenpox
  • Track 4-5Erythema Infectiosum
  • Track 4-6Exanthem Subitum

Dermatology is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects that deals with the hair, nails, skin and their diseases. The responsibility of a Dermatologist is to treat diseases and some cosmetic problems of the skin. One of the most common long-term skin conditions is Acne which is characterized by areas of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, greasy skin and possibly scarring. Other diseases include skin cancer & malignancy of epithelial cells, contact dermatitis, Kawasaki syndrome, inflammation, viral skin diseases, scars & rashes.

  • Track 5-1Acne Vulgaris
  • Track 5-2Keloid
  • Track 5-3Rosacea
  • Track 5-4Pityriasis Rosea
  • Track 5-5Sunburn
  • Track 5-6Eczema
  • Track 5-7Shingles
  • Track 5-8Hemangioma
  • Track 5-9Allergies and Rashes
  • Track 5-10Onychomycosis

A wide variety of Dermatological systems are utilized to analyse and treat Dermatologic infections. Some common Dermatologic systems used to test for infections are biopsies, including punch, shave and extraction biopsy.

  • Track 6-1Microdermabrasion Treatments
  • Track 6-2Ablative and Non-ablative Lasers
  • Track 6-3Skin Revival Treatments
  • Track 6-4Dermoscopy
  • Track 6-5Laser Treatment
  • Track 6-6Subcision
  • Track 6-7Sclerotherapy

Fungal skin infections are caused by different types of fungi and can be a common culprit of itchy skin. Fungi invade and grow in dead keratin, a protein that makes up your skin, hair and nails. The different types of fungal infections are divided into groups based on what type of fungus is involved.


Ultraviolet  radiation causes sunburns which increment the danger of skin malignancy like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Non melanoma skin malignancy is portrayed by a firm red knob that drains or builds up a hull on the nose, brow, ears, bring down lip, hands, and other sun-uncovered territories of the body. Indeed, even individuals with dull compositions get influenced by skin disease. Melanomas may likewise happen inside the mouth, digestive organs and even in the eye. The primary cause of melanoma is bright light presentation with low levels of skin colour.

  • Track 8-1Basal cell cancer
  • Track 8-2Actinic Keratoses
  • Track 8-3Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
  • Track 8-4Melanoma

Feel is a comprehensive term for qualities which focus on upgrading appearance of individuals by methods for remedial procedures. It isn't exactly as of late obliged to scars, wrinkles, moles, super fat, unwanted hair, and skin recoloring. Stylish methodology generally included reconstructive medical procedure, remedial medical procedure, and Dermatology. Snappy pharmaceutical included careful techniques: liposuction, facelifts, chest embeds, Radio repeat expulsion and Non-Surgical procedures: radio repeat skin settling, non-careful liposuction, substance peel. Couples of experts utilize blend of both the approach.

  • Track 9-1Hair and scalp procedure
  • Track 9-2Liposuction

The field of Aesthetic Medicine is another part of present day medication. Aesthetic medicine is a comprehensive term for claims to fame that emphasis on enhancing corrective appearance through the treatment of conditions including scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, abundance fat, cellulite, undesirable hair, skin staining, and creepy crawly veins. Aesthetic medicine incorporates surgeries and in addition non-surgeries.

  • Track 10-1Micro Pigmentation
  • Track 10-2Tummy Tuck
  • Track 10-3Laser Skin Resurfacing

There is a quick association among wellbeing and greatness. Home developed things give a trademark and safe way to deal with oversee skin and hair. Characteristic solid fixings have been brought out for our face, body and hair and they have diminished the prologue to unsafe synthetic substances and diminished their conceivable dangerous ramifications for people, animals and condition. These things contain properties which are urgent for supporting dry skin, altering smooth skin, keeping an eye on the sensitive skin of kids and repairing of skin and scalp issues. These normal cures have accomplished marvellous statures which incorporates fundamental logical examination, clinical examination, new systems to dissect infections and pass on medicines.


  • Track 11-1Organic Hair Care Products
  • Track 11-2Herbs for Skin Care
  • Track 11-3Ayurvedic Techniques of Beauty, Aging and Hair Care
  • Track 11-4Traditional Chinese Herbalogy
  • Track 11-5Chemical Free Alternative Cosmetics
  • Track 11-6Panchakarma Therapies

Hair transplantation is a careful framework that moves hair follicles from a piece of the body called the provider site to an exposed or going bare piece of the body known as the recipient site. It is generally used to treat male model smoothness. In this inconsequential prominent system, joins containing hair follicles that are innately impenetrable to diminishing up top, (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the exposed scalp. Hair transplantation can in like manner be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, stubbles hair, waist hair, pubic hair and to fill in scars realized by accidents or medical procedure, for instance, stand up to lifts and past hair transplants. Hair transplantation fluctuates from skin participating in that associations contain most of the epidermis and dermis including the hair follicle, and various unassuming associations are transplanted rather than a lone portion of skin.



  • Track 12-1Robotic Hair Restoration
  • Track 12-2Follicular Unit Extraction

Trichology is the part of helpful and remedial examination and practice stressed over the hair and scalp. Cosmetology is the arranging and utilization of flawlessness meds. It contains two or three branches like hairstyling, sound skin, beautifiers, nail trims/pedicures and electrology. The assorted procedures incorporate applying make-up and performing facials, back rubs, waxing and reflexology. Nail innovation is the specialty of nail workmanship, outline, tips, structures, wraps and gels. Electrolysis is a solution for evacuate hair root or little flaws on the skin by the utilization of warmth utilizing electric current.

  • Track 13-1Hair Root Organization
  • Track 13-2Hair as Biological Indicators
  • Track 13-3Hair Follicle Stem Cells
  • Track 13-4Hair Transplantation
  • Track 13-5Facial and Skin Rejuvenation Techniques
  • Track 13-6Laser Applications in Cosmetic Surgery
  • Track 13-7Light Based Acne Treatments

Ayurveda is characterized as the "information of living". Ayurvedic solution is used from ancient times in India. The focal point of Ayurvedic drug is to attain great wellbeing through home grown and natural products. Herbal beautifiers take advantage of a diverse corrective fixings to shape the base in which at least one home grown fixing is utilized to cure different skin diseases. Panchakarma is a sanskrit term for the ayurvedic procedure of detoxifying and cleansing the body.

  • Track 14-1Anti-ageing
  • Track 14-2Immunosuppresant
  • Track 14-3Organic and Toxin-free Beauty Products
  • Track 14-4Wound Treatment
  • Track 14-5Pediatric Research

Expanded melanin causes hyperpigmentation which obscures off a region of skin or nails. It is caused by sun harm including those identified with skin inflammation vulgaris. Individuals with darker skin tones are more inclined to hyperpigmentation particularly with overabundance sun introduction. Treatment of hyperpigmentation caused by melanin overproduction incorporates the utilization of topical depigmenting operators. Then again, Vitiligo is described by patches of the skin losing their colour and wind up white as a rule having sharp edges. The patches frequently start on regions of skin that are presented to the sun and are more perceptible in individuals with dull skin.

  • Track 15-1Dermatological Laser Induced Hyperpigmentation
  • Track 15-2Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Track 15-3Phototherapy

Ageing is a natural process where our cells degenerate with the passage of time. But nowadays, ageing sets early due to our lifestyle including stress, processed food, pollution, long working hours and lack of physical activities. But pharmaceutical scientists and cosmetologists are coming up with new products and procedures to revitalize and delay this ageing process.

  • Track 16-1Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL)Therapy
  • Track 16-2Lipokraft
  • Track 16-3Stem Cell Therapy
  • Track 16-4Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
  • Track 16-5Genome Health Assessment
  • Track 16-6Autologous Cell Concentrate

Plastic, therapeutic and reconstructive medical procedure are a gathering of medical procedures performed recalling the genuine target to repair or re-establish body parts to look standard or to upgrade a body part to look better. These sorts of medical procedures are amazingly particular. They are completed by cutting the patients' skin and tissue exactly and by remedy suturing philosophies. Ongoing advances in the difference in scaled back instruments, new materials for counterfeit appendages and body parts, and enhanced careful structures have extended the degree of plastic medical procedure errands that can be performed. Plastic medical procedure is performed frequently to treat birth absconds and to kill skin surrenders like warts, skin break out scars or pigmentations. Therapeutic medical procedure strategies are performed to make the patient look more youthful or to decorate his or her appearance. Reconstructive medical procedure is utilized to reattach body parts secluded in battle or disasters, toper outline skin joins after over the top eats up, or to duplicate parts of the patient's body that were missing in the midst of work or cleared by medical procedure.

  • Track 17-1Breast Reconstruction
  • Track 17-2Burn Repair Surgery
  • Track 17-3Congenital Defect Repair: Cleft Palate, Extremity Defect Repair
  • Track 17-4Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • Track 17-5Microsurgery
  • Track 17-6Scar Revision Surgery
  • Track 17-7Facial Molding

Mesotherapy is a technique using fine needles to deliver a multiple injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and herbal extracts to the mesoderm of skin. Mesotherapy rejuvenates and tightens skin by treating poor circulation and inflammation that causes skin damage. It is used to reduce fat, fade wrinkles and lines, recontour the body, lighten pigmented skin and treat Alopecia.

  • Track 18-1Biorevitalization
  • Track 18-2Soft-tissue Augmentation
  • Track 18-3Nappage Technique

Dermatology also deals nail contagious treatment, facial surgeries, laser medications and so forth. Nano emulsions are utilized to treat skin maturing caused because of tissue degeneration. Skin photo ageing is on sizes of fruitful cures by reconstructive surgeries. Skin joining strategies are utilized to treat skin consumes. Skin revival and re-emerging are another drifting procedures performed with the assistance of lasers.

  • Track 19-1Photo-rejuvenation
  • Track 19-2Hyaluronic Acid
  • Track 19-3Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Track 19-4Nonsurgical Skin Tightening

Diet impacts skin in certain conditions but changing one’s diet is not always necessary for improving a certain symptom or ailment. Among the biggest misconceptions related to diet and dermatology is an overemphasis on the role of food allergies in skin conditions. While some food allergies can affect the skin, they play a limited role in skin disease overall. A dermatologist can help patients with acne and rosacea to determine whether any food in their diet might worsen the situation. Present day dietary science is trying to join the bridge between nourishment and ideal skin condition. Vitamin insufficiency, mainly lack of Vit D, also plays a major role in dry skin and other skin conditions.

  • Track 20-1Malnutrition
  • Track 20-2Hypovitaminosis
  • Track 20-3Folate deficiency
  • Track 20-4Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome
  • Track 20-5Keratomalacia

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